As somebody well versed in creativity, freelancing, academia and sport, I can connect with most people on most things.  My strength lies in connecting deeply with you the client, developing trust, and then opening up what is stuck both on the level of the mind and on the level of emotion. We then tune in to your goals.


13 years ago I developed Generalised Anxiety Disorder whilst at University. I was ill-prepared, overwhelmed and frankly terrified most of the time. It was the lowest point in my life. My social interactions were jarring and triggering, my love life was almost non-existent and I was buried under the thickest law books you could ever imagine. In many ways this scene is not too uncommon amongst young people, but it really wore hard on my spirit. I didn't have the direction, the habits, the self knowledge or the guidance to break through to my potential.

The journey of breaking through into high performance and into high energy work today, as a 31 year old is what inspires me to coach. The first tool that I was blessed to be introduced to was meditation. Learning to reset the mind, learning to reset the body, reading life changing texts such as Eckhart Tolle's book "The Power of Now" gave guidance as to next steps. I have always been somebody who is unafraid to put the work in, but before that point I wasn't finding answers to my existential questions. Learning that there were methods to progress and transform was my lightbulb moment for a dedicated life in self development. 

During my Law Degree I discovered I was an artist and started writing and performing songs up to the present day. To me a legal route was the easy road, I'm ambitious, I know myself and I don't settle for an expected life, I strive for one that I want. After many more years honing my craft you can now find my record "Amazing" out on all streaming platforms via the "Bukky Sky" Menu link.  I have been dedicating my life to learning about the human condition and how to influence it, as well as learning to synthesis emotion, thoughts and experiences into useful motif's for listeners and viewers in the form of song. As a result I have a very flexible mind that can jump between the orderly and the structured and the creative/visionary/intuitive. So I am a good mirror for whatever space I find my client's in. 

I am also a Vipassana Meditator, I love Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, working out, long deep conversations with friends (usually along the lines of spirituality or personal development!) connecting with family, doing outdoorsy sport activities, DJ'ing, reading (currently reading "The Hero Within" by Carol Ann Pearson, the dopamine bombshell of "The Molecule of More" by Lieberman and the ego deconstructing "A Course in Miracles"). Currently I live in Hackney Wick and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such vibrant, creative, fun and interesting people.

Whilst playing music I completed qualifications in Counselling (NCFE Certifications) and in London have completed an NLP School certified Neuro-Linguistic-Programming course in Advanced Coaching. NLP is an amazing and powerful tool to get you into some truly resourceful states. It is also great for building a vision of your future self, and changing the self image you have developed from the past. 

I have learned to feel good because I know that is the reason why we do anything. Any action we take is to feel good now, tomorrow or far in the future. My work concentrates on feeling good as you locate and lock into your goals. It's not that complicated. 

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