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I specialise in working with 20 - 35 year old artists to unpick the doubt from their thoughts and the emotional ambiguity from their body's, leaving them feeling confident, energised and clear about their next step. As an artist, I know that these are the fundamentals which hold us back from fulfilling our potential in our work. I work with people to uncover their powerful & vulnerable selves, helping them to thrive in this art we call life

The first step is to be seen. I'm here to meet you where you are at, without demanding anything from you. Before any work gets done, before any planning gets written down, I will allow you to be seen, to be heard and to be honoured.

Life is a beautiful ensemble of experiences and over time we develop our own special map of the world. If you are coming to coaching there is likely something in your map that you want to shift, transform or tinker with. 

But don't worry - we all do - you are not alone - I haven't met many holy figures in my life, have you? We are all on this path of unfolding self discovery. Sometimes it feels great and sometimes it feels hellish, but intrinsically we know that we have an amazing potential to live lives according to our own personalities, preferences and desires. 

We will not be working on some magic, prescribed magic formula. We will intuitively and deliberately take a close look at your areas of development and then agree on what our expected outcomes will be. 

You bring your dreams, your struggles and your authentic self to our sessions and I bring my NLP coaching skills, my belief in your dreams and we will do powerful work together.